Companies Interested in Locating in Knox County

Posted on February 4th, 2019

Interest continues to grow for businesses looking to open up shop in Knox County.

President and CEO of the Knox County Development Corporation Kent Utt says a pair of companies interested in opening solar farms continue to have discussion about locating in Knox County. Utt says several meetings have been held to discuss what possibilities are on the table, especially given the amount of land available in Knox County. He also notes the situation isn’t “either-or”, but rather there could be room for both parties. Feasibility studies are currently underway.

Utt also mentioned a pair of start ups are also interested in locating in the county, although they remain unnamed at this point.

One company, Utt says, will bring approximately 55 jobs to the area, while the second would start with 30 and ramp up to around 70.

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