City of Vincennes & KC Coming Together

Posted on February 13th, 2019

The City of Vincennes and Knox County could soon come together to create a resource for that will benefit each entity.

Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum appeared before the Knox County Council atĀ its meeting last night, proposing the idea of a joint city-county employee to serve as a resource for both entities as they pursue grants and other funds.

Yochum particularly pointed to the ongoing partnership between the City and County to manage the Pantheon Business Theatre as a reason creating such a position could be a future asset. According to Yochum, members of the City Council are interested in the proposal. County Council members expressed their interest as well. Discussions about creating such a position are expected to continue in the near future.

In other Pantheon news, Attorney Drew Porter says title work should finish up soon and the property could be officially transfered from INVin to the City/County partnership as soon as this week.


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