Inclusion Improves for Hoosiers with Disabilities

Posted on January 11th, 2019

(Case for Inclusion Report 2019)

(Case for Inclusion Report 2019)

Indiana has improved some policies to help people with intellectual or developmental disabilities according to a new report.

The annual Case for Inclusion report ranks states on a number of measures, including services and policies geared towards people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  In the last decade, Indiana has risen from 37th to 16th place.

One highlight for Indiana is a significant decrease in the number of people waiting for residential services. Indiana Disability Rights provides civil rights information for people with disabilities. Executive director Dawn Adams says one low point is its employment efforts.

“We still have a lot of provider control in the state with the use of shelter workshops, where people are not technically employed because they earn no benefits, they make pennies on the dollar,” says Adams.

But the state falls behind on its promotion of independence and productivity.

dams says individuals are often left out of the discussion.

“They are not at the table,” says Adams.”The way the state seems to operate it’s very provider-friendly, very focused on making sure provider needs are met.”

The report finds 87 percent of residents receive Medicaid funding.

Nearly 1 in 5 people in Indiana have a disability.

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