Hart Street McDonald’s Destroyed By Fire

Posted on November 9th, 2018

A Vincennes restaurant suffered major fire damage early this morning.

Vincennes City and Township Firefighters were called to the McDonald’s Restaurant on Hart Street Shortly before 2:00 this morning.

According Vincennes Fire Chief Sonny Pinkstaff smoke was visible coming from the building when the first units arrived on the scene. Firefighters gained access to the building but could not see any signs of fire.
Pinkstaff says they heard a rumbling noise coming from the ceiling where the fire was located.

He says the fire eventually broke through the roof and swept through the rest of the restaurant, eventually causing the roof of the building to collapse.

An investigator from the state fire marshal’s office has been called to assist in determining the cause of the fire.

Hart Street remains open around the restaurant, but Veterans Drive is blocked off to thru traffic.

The building had recently been closed to the public for renovations, while the drive-thru had remained open for customers. Around 70 people work at the Hart Street location.

Pinkstaff says the loss is upwards of $3 Million.

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