VFD Secures Trio of Grants

Posted on October 11th, 2018

A trio of grants are set to make a big difference at the Vincennes City Fire Department.

According to Fire Chief Sonny Pinkstaff, the department was recently awarded nearly $90,000 that will allow them the purchase and implement new equipment.

The first grant, Pinkstaff says, has allowed the department to purchase a Utility Task Vehicle. That UTV will be equipped with fire and EMS kits to assist in future emergencies.

A second grant will allow the department to purchase confined space rope equipment.

The final grant will see the Fire Department purchase a pair of unmanned drones. One of those drones will have the ability to used infrared technology in the future. Pinkstaf told city officials that training to use both of those drones will be extensive, but worth it.

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