Public Give Input on Proposed VU Project

Posted on October 12th, 2018

The Vincennes Historic Review Board opened up the discussion on a proposed project that would see Vincennes University move into the city’s Historic District.

Thus far, the only work that has officially been done on the estimated $15 million project is the purchase and demolition of a pair of properties long First Street. VU has stated their intentions to raze a total of four city blocks between 2nd Street and the River, anchored by Hart Street, to build a number of off-campus student houses.

According to the Historic Review Board, however, the University has yet to make a formal application to do anymore than they’ve already done. That didn’t stop a number of local residents from speaking against the project at the HRB meeting Thursday night. And Board Member Kelly Marley says the opinions of those people are important.

VU has made an offer to the HRB to leave two unidentified structures within the four blocks standing, which shows there may be some leeway on the project. Until the University presents a formal application for the rest of the project, however, no official decision can be made by the board.

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