Downtown Could Be Turning ‘Red’

Posted on October 12th, 2018

Vincennes could be seeing Red – but in a multitude of colors.

At their meeting last night, the Vincennes Historic Review Board heard from Fernando Lozano, an artist hoping to put a smile on the city’s face.

It is the hope of Lozano to hand a series of banners on the side of 418 Main to bring back the memory of Red Skelton. Every two weeks, a new 10×28 banner with a solid color background would be hung on the side of the building – in the heart of downtown. Each banner would feature a famous quote from the famous comedian, with a tagline at the bottom: “Vincennes: The City with a Smile.”

Not only would the artwork attract more eyes to downtown and help to keep alive local history, it would add a further sense of identity to Indiana’s first city.

Lozano is currently seeking funding for the idea, but received the full support of the Historic Review Board.

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