Lechner to Serve on Pantheon Board

Posted on June 12th, 2018

With their vote last night, the Knox County Council officially rounded out the five member Pantheon Board.

Upon the recommendation of Councilman Jim Beery, the Council unanimously approved President Bob Lechner as their representative on the board that will help the Pantheon convert from its current state to a business incubator. Beery noted that, out of everyone on the council, Lechner had done the most leg work for the project thus far, and would have the deepest amount of knowledge about where to take the project next.

Speaking in support of Lechner and the interlocal agreement between the city and county, Councilman Randy Crismore was quoted as saying the now-complete board is made up of the best people who care about the community.

Lechner will join City Council President Scott Brown and County Commissioner Trent Hinkle as local government officials on the Board. Pioneer Oil CFO Steve Miller will serve as a representative for the Vincennes Mayor’s office, while local farmer Don Vilwock will represent InVIN on the Board.

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