Judges Request Funding for Court Room Remodel

Posted on June 13th, 2018

A Knox County Courtroom may soon be getting a fresh coat of paint, among other things.

Judges Gara Lee and Sherry Gregg-Gilmore appeared before the Knox County Council last night to request funds for a few projects for their respective Court Rooms. Judge Lee requested the bulk of the funds, some $45,000, for renovations to not only her court rooms, but the adjacent jury rooms as well. As stated by Lee, and confirmed by Councilman Tim Crowley, it has been quite some time since Knox Superior Court One had any work done. Lee is hoping the requested funds can help her to paint the court room walls, have new carpets installed and modernize the court room windows. She would also like to see the restroom facilities be made more handicap accessible.

Both judges also requested funds for both upgraded recording equipment for their court rooms, as well as for assistance in paying for mental evaluations for those set to appear in their respective court rooms.

In total, the two judges requested just north of $91,000 for their projects. The Council took the requests under advisement, and are expected to make a decision at their meeting in July.

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