New Furniture to be Finishing Touch at Tecumseh

Posted on March 13th, 2018

Tecumseh-Harrison Elementary will be getting new furniture to go with its complete renovation.

Five bids for furniture were submitted to the Vincennes Community School Corporation. Of those five, four were accepted at last night’s VCSC meeting. The four bids approved were submitted by Lee Company, Inc., Corporate Design, Hudson Office Solutions, and Business Environment. While the total of the bids was $330,442.56, Vincennes Superintendent Greg Parsley asked the board to add an additional $30,000 for labor and in the case that any changes must be made down the road. Parsley’s request was granted, bringing the total up to just under $361,000.

In addition to new furniture, renovations continue to move along at Tecumseh-Harrison. The Sacred Heart building is almost ready and will be handed back over to the Vincennes Community School Corporation on Monday, March 19th. The rest of the school will follow on June 15th.

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