Council Considering Pros, Cons of Public WiFi

Posted on February 13th, 2018

The Vincennes City Council now knows more about bringing WiFi to downtown Vincennes and in public parks.

The council heard from Tim Trotter with the AME Group at their meeting last night.

In Trotter’s opinion, having WiFi available to the public would be beneficial, and would likely get plenty of use.

However, he did mention a few items for consideration if the city decides to move forward.

Things such as technical maintenance and support were at the top of his list, as well as who would be in charge of correcting problems should they occur. Trotter also listed things such as user management, the terms of service for the public who would use the wifi and whose duty it would be to policy the violators of that policy.

The idea of WiFi and device charging stations downtown originally came Councilman Tim Salters, who believes adding those things to Vincennes will be a big step forward into the future. Salters also pointed out that the city could put a lot of major responsibilities on a third party that would be hired to manage many of the issues Trotter mentioned.

Trotter is the second tech expert to speak to council about the issue, following Brett Dawson from Dawsforce Technologies last month. The council is expected to hear from more representatives in the future.

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