USB Approves Main Street Phase I Water Line Work

Posted on December 14th, 2017

More information is now available about the Utilities Services Board replacing a water line pipe as part of Phase 1 of the Main Street project.

Vincennes Water Utilities General Manager Kirk Bouchie told the board that the pipe had old asbestos cement and he did not feel comfortable giving the city the okay to build on top of it. Bouchie said the area in question had been inspected and the best recommendation was to simply replace the line.

Bouchie also mentioned that a section of the water line at the beginning of Phase 2 would also need to be replaced as it uses AC pipe. Both would be replaced with ductile iron. Bouchie said the city is requesting that USB pay utility for the replacement of the water line.

An estimated cost for the total project is a little over $600,000 with the work being completed sometime next year. Bouchie asked the board to approve working with Clark-Dietz, the company handling the redesign of the Main St. project, and the $53,000 cost that would go with it. The board unanimously approved of the request.

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