PACE Becoming More Energy Efficient

Posted on December 1st, 2017

PACE Community Action Agency’s offices in Vincennes is looking to become more energy efficient. It was announced earlier this fall that Duke Energy had awarded the non-profit agency a grant for the installation of Solar Panels on its facility located at 525 North 4th Street.

Sara Kixmiller, facilities coordinator for PACEsays installation of the panels is expected to begin later this month with the goal of becoming more energy self-sufficient. She added there is an educational component to this project as well.

As a side benefit to the project, Kixmiller says the solar panels are also capable of storing energy radiated by the sun which they can sell back to Duke Energy for a profit.

PACE was awarded $79,000 by Duke for the installation of the solar panel. According to Kixmiller, it was the single largest amount awarded of all the companies who applied for the grant.

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