CCMG Project Awarded to E&B Paving

Posted on November 14th, 2017

The work set to be done with Vincennes’ Community Crossings Matching Grant funds will be completed by E&B Paving.

This comes after a recommendation from City Engineer John Sprague, who reviewed all submitted bids and deemed the one from E&B as the most cost effective.

The city had originally applied for $1.6 million in state funding, which would go towards several side streets which are in need of re-paving.  When awards were announced, the city didn’t quite receive as much money as they had hoped, only being awarded $433,500. The largest of those projects is Shelby Street from 2nd to 15th streets. The plan also calls for new street curbing as well.

The decision to award the project to E&B was unanimous by the Board of Works.

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