Kerns Awarded 6th & Main Lot Project

Posted on September 12th, 2017

Kerns Excavating of Bicknell has been awarded a contract for paving an empty lot at 6th and Main Streets.

The Vincennes Board of Works approved the contract based on a recommendation from City Engineer John Sprague. Kerns’ base bid for an asphalt surface and an alternate bid calling for concrete were the lowest of four bids received on the project.

At this time, Sprague told board members it hasn’t been decided which option the city will go with. He says it could be contingent on the cost for a canopy that would enclose the parking lot. Sprague says preliminary cost estimates for the covered walkway came in much higher than what was originally budgeted by the Vincennes Redevelopment Commission.

Sprague says he and architect Andy Myszak went back to work and eliminated some of the columns for the canopy which could result in net savings. He is still waiting on cost estimates from two local firms for the canopy.

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