County Budget Hearings Move to Final Night

Posted on September 14th, 2017

Two-Thirds of the 2018 Knox County Budget Hearings are over.

Yesterday afternoon and into the evening, the County Council heard from four of the biggest county agencies: The Public Defender Board, Sheriff’s Department, County Highway Department and the Knox County Commissioners.

Much like night one of the budget hearings, Council took requests from the four department heads for what they would like to see included in their individual budgets for next year. The Sheriff’s Department in particular asked for a three percent raise for all department employees, a common request from department heads at this year’s budget hearings. But, Knox County Sheriff Mike Morris says it is definitely warranted. Morris told the Vincennes Sun-Commercial that his department is on track to respond to more calls for service this year than last. Hundreds more. According to Morris, while crime stats are going down nationally, they seem to be going up locally. And as the number of those calls increase, so does the wear and tear on uniforms, radio equipment and vehicles.

The County Council will wrap up their budget hearings tonight. They won’t hear from any department heads, but rather will turn to the budget requests they’ve received over the past two days and try to find a way to fit them all together in a way that best benefits the county.

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